Is God Chasing You?

Yes, he is.  It may seem to be a bit of an odd idea, but YHVH does want you, badly.  He designed you, made you, and let you come into being as a special, unique individual among all the other individual humans he has placed on this planet.  But there are a few things I have noticed that he will not do.

He won’t force you.  You do not have to believe he is even there, but if you choose to call out to him, he will respond.

Psalm 18:6 (CJB) 
 In my distress I called to Adonai;  I cried out to my God.  Out of his temple he heard my voice;  my cry reached his ears.


Well, that depends. On you.

Adonai desires relationship, and it is a bit different with each person.  No one person can explain all of G-d to another person, and being human, we can be wrong. However, if you reach out to YHVH, and ask him to reveal himself to you, he will do so.

I reach out to him constantly by simply lifting up my face, and vocalizing to the sky, or the ceiling, as I presume that G-d is up in relation to me, but I could be wrong. Abba could be out from me in every direction.  I read out loud to him, I sing to him, I praise him, and I ask questions of him…strange ones, about anything, and I make jokes about things, and expect a response.  The expectation is important.

I don’t use any fancy words these days, and I am not particularly reverent, as I talk to G-d as if he knows who I am, because he does.  In the past I was more formal than I am now…uncertain as to how one addresses one’s creator.  I do call him Abba, ‘Daddy’ in Hebrew.  And my informality is in keeping with that ideation.  And when I get snarky with him, I feel a response from the Holy Spirit, in me, as if he noticed I was being a bit rude in speaking to Abba the way I did.  Sometimes I apologize, and sometimes I say I meant what I said how I said it, and explain.  It isn’t that I expect YHVH to not already understand, but I feel as if I am being asked to ‘elucidate on the matter’, so that I understand why I said what I said, because apparently it matters.  Which is a scary thought, isn’t it?

G-d will make answers to your questions in alignment with those other things that he has made known to those that are called Prophets, in a book called by many, the Bible, or the Tanakh, which is also called the Old Testament and the Apostolic Writings in the New Testament.  All of the 66 books in the western compilation of the two sets of Scriptures are also his, because his spirit, the Ruach haKodesh has informed every line, every jot, and every tittle of the original writings and manuscripts.  We don’t have them, but what we do have is mostly as he gave inspiration for, and after a while at reading and re-reading the Scriptures, musing over them, and pondering them, you can acquire the ability to discern where mankind’s intervention has been made, with the help of the Ruach haKodesh.

Fortunately, there is little in the Scriptures that was not specifically written as it was given originally, as Adonai Elohim is pretty picky about what survives of the past to be thrust into the future, but the translations of the copies of the original documents have the odd mistake, and people have written reams about them for your benefit…mostly arguing over minor points, but as has been discovered more recently, arguing very critically and importantly about the very different translations made from a Greco-Roman mindset and experience, rather than a Hebraic mindset and Judaic experience.  Still, the study is interesting, and necessary, because it keeps us all informed of how G-d is using our experience and history as mankind to teach us about him, and what he wants of us, and why.

Reach out to him…Abba enjoys people talking to him.


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