Why do we need Yeshua?

This article was posted in a forum, in answer to the above question by someone who is wondering why Yeshua…why a Savior:


TO understand the need for Yeshua in your life, you need to begin by looking at the world and the way it was originally made, and what it became…just as man was once a different being than he is now.

If you can postulate a Creator, and accept that he chose to make a race of beings that he could enjoy and interact with, it will help a good deal.  Consider it a theory worth exploring, and bear with me as I explain, for it is not a simple subject, even when viewed without religious overtones.

And this person, whom I call YHVH…the one that is and was and will be…is a creative being of great power…it is his pleasure, his actuality to create, and he (in so much as we call him a he, since we have no idea of his actual form of being) is able to create all that is…all this universe, all the planet, the ecosystem, all to provide his creation a place of existence, exploration and education.

That creation was taken from the elements of the earth, adamah, and made into living beings by YHVH.  That being was not created with a mind completely instructed in all the ins and outs of how to live, what to do, who to be, nor with a complete set of instinctual behavior built in…but was an adult human that was yet an innocent immortal person, being carefully taught, living in the creator’s nursery, Eden, where the child man Adam was set to learn about the creation, and to interact with YHVH.

At some point, Adam seems to have needed companionship of his own, someone that was not parent and teacher, but friend and soul-mate, so that the next stage of development could go forward.  Picture Adam at the age of about 13, becoming physically mature, and noticing that he had no mate.  And so, Abba (father in Hebrew) took DNA from his perfect human male, and made not just a mate for his initial creation, but a source of struggle, and development.  She is called Eve, and although taken from him genetically, was yet perfect in her physicality, and able to provide healthy offspring for the race of people that G-d was creating, and carefully tending.

With Adam and Eve as just-barely-adult beings, YHVH began the next phase in mankind’s development in order to become more like G-d …personal responsibility.  Since mankind was made in the Image of G-d and with G-d’s nascent creative abilities although without his power, Adam and Eve were capable of working together to make a life together.  However, there is only so far that any intelligent species can progress sitting at the feet of the tutor.  Sooner or later children must begin to find their own way, and develop in the ways that they choose to develop, rather than as the parent might want.

Now, YHVH had already created a race of beings (only one that we know of – there may be many we do not know of).  They are called Watchers, as they watch mankind to learn of them and from them, for they are not made in G-d’s image, but less like YHVH, even though G-d has given them much power, talent and ability to help him construct, and regulate this universe.  G-d uses them for many things that we do not understand in regulating this universe, and the other dimensions that we know must exist…every Artist needs people to grind the paints, and stretch the canvas for the work in process.  They are often used as messengers, warriors, and even as an adversary to mankind, and are usually called Angels.  But Angels, although they are magnificent beings, are not at all like G-d is.  They are more like an army to a King, doing what they are supposed to do without a great deal of personal involvement, yet individuals all the same.

And one individual Angel’s history is given in the Scriptures that plays a huge part in the development of mankind, and why Yeshua (Jesus) is necessary in the scheme of things.  He is called Satan…a Hebrew word that merely means ‘adversary’, and his design includes being a pain in the neck to mankind, under strict rules and limits set by G-d.  The Greco-Romans called him Lucifer, (Light Bringer) as he is the most brilliantly made and decorated Angel…one who often appears as a being of light, and deceptively so.

And thus we are back to Eden, and what was about to happen there that triggered the need for a redeemer for mankind.  Abba, in order to give mankind self-determination, also had to give them the ability to choose what they would do, and to receive the consequences that came of each choice.  And as an initial test of character, G-d gave a simple rule for Adam and Eve to break, or not to break.

Genesis 2:9 (CJB)
9  Out of the ground Adonai, God, caused to grow every tree pleasing in appearance and good for food, including the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


Genesis 2:16-17 (CJB)
16  Adonai, God, gave the person this order: “You may freely eat from every tree in the garden
17  except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You are not to eat from it, because on the day that you eat from it, it will become certain that you will die.”

It seems to be a human trait that as soon as we are forbidden something, it becomes something we wish to do.  Still, Adam was told, and was not overly troubled by having just one tree he could not eat from, when he could eat freely from all other trees, bushes and herbs.

Eve, having been made after this point in time, was not directly instructed by G-d about the trees, or the consequences of eating from the forbidden tree.  Adam apparently told her about the situation, and again, she seems to have avoided eating from the dreaded tree, until the Adversary, decided to intervene.  Suffice it to say, the Adversary, ‘beguiled’ Eve into eating the fruit of the forbidden tree, and Eve gave some to Adam, who ate it. And the two of them were no longer innocent beings.  G-d judged the situation, and condemned mankind to mortality on a broken planet, but promised that one day a child of Eve’s would rectify the brokenness.

Awareness of identity was already within them, but in eating the fruit, mankind was altered to be conscious of what is not just right or wrong to do, but why, and the penalty of eating the tree became instantly in place.  Prior to the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve were perfect, immortal beings.  Afterwards, everything was made mortal, faulty and broken…not just Mankind, but the Universe was affected, and entropy entered into the equation.

However, G-d, being a good parent, was already aware of all possibilities, and had put in place a solution to the expected disobedience of his creation.  Once Adam and Eve were mortal, their every choice would bring consequences for themselves, and everything else around them, yet without their ability to choose for themselves, they could not ever choose G-d as their G-d voluntarily.

Abba wanted a family, and made one, but needed to allow that new race of beings to love him or to hate him, or else not have a family at all.  But having condemned mankind to mortality, G-d needed a mechanism for mankind, if they chose him above all else, even their own, mortal life, to become immortal again, and not just immortal, but choosing to be under the direction of G-d…not as automatons, but out of reasoned choice.  In other words, G-d gave these beings a single mortal lifetime to have and enjoy and suffer through, and a chance to learn to be like G-d not merely in image, but in spirit.

However, in the free will solution to provide mankind with choice, Abba had damaged his creation.  How to undamage it now was the problem.  How does one find, amongst the billions of men and women born on this planet throughout history, those few people who would choose G-d, and G-d’s way of doing things out of love…not because they had to.  Their life was a gift already, and those who sought G-d learned from him, and chose to follow what they learned or not, as was their desire.

What I call the God Conspiracy was a plan always waiting in the wings for the time when mankind’s civilization would progress to the point that man would understand what G-d was doing.  In the early generations, there were few who paid attention to the information passed down from the first parents, but there were always some.  And eventually, a family line was chosen to create a small nation from, to be given special knowledge, and then also to demonstrate how to use that knowledge to the entire world.

Through the formation of that nation, starting from one man, Abraham, rules on how to live successfully were spread, and demonstrated to be effective when followed, and devastating if not.  In those rules and regulations that Abraham’s children were given were promises and laws that G-d promised to abide by as well. And in order to get the Israelites out of the fix they were in, since they were perennially falling into imperfection in their adherence to the rules of effective living, G-d focused a portion of his extra-dimensional person into the child who became known as Yeshua ha Notsri…Jesus Christ.

The reasons for this advent into a temporary existence as a human have to do with the laws and promises made to the Israelite people, and to Eve, and to the Adversary from the beginning.  The ideas present in the self-sacrifice that G-d made of himself by his own will are written in all the history and religion of the Israelites, and why it would be necessary.

G-d considered himself an husband to the people of Israel, and in the following of many of his own rules for successful living, having divorced a large percentage of idol-worshiping Israelites is in the position of not being able to legally remarry her.  To remarry that people requires either the nation to die, or G-d to die.  Then, those divorced Israelites would be free to remarry him, in a spiritual sense, since he would, being G-d, live again.

Thus the need for Yeshua’s death, and his resurrection in power.  It all follows a lot of plans that G-d wove into the teaching of the Israelites, but the point is that Israel is free to choose G-d’s ways again, and be made able to keep them And not just Israel, but any person who will choose to do so.  And best of all, during the time of their mortal life, they are changed, to be more and more like Yeshua, and less like the foolish mortals they begin as.  They are given a portion of the Holy Spirit…G-d’s spirit…put within them, and that Spirit slowly changes them as they cooperate with G-d to be changed.

And so, we humans ask that G-d as Yeshua to come into our lives, as our King, and Savior…the one who gives his perfect life for our imperfect one so that we can be changed…to be more like what G-d had in mind in the first place.  And on top of actually making us different than we were, he gives us also eternal life with him, and a renewed planet, once other promises to the Israelites are fulfilled in the remaining portion of this age on this planet.

Soon, Yeshua will return, and rule the planet, and mostly just a small remnant of Israeli’s and a few of the Nations will be in that kingdom repopulating the planet.  This time period offers the people who survive to enter it a final chance to see that without being enabled to be like   G-d we can’t manage well at all.

Those of us that are already Yeshua’s now will not be mortal when that time comes, and those that are not Yeshua’s die, and await judgement at the end of the age, stated to be a millennium of time from now, during which the Israelites finally receive what was promised to Abraham.  During the Millennium, the Israelites and the Nations get to have their lives lived in an enforced peace upon the planet, following the effective rules for living already laid down.

There are special tests laid down for this time period, and for the future, and all give each generation their opportunity to choose how they will live, and in what way, and whether they live their first life, or live eternally.  The Millennium also exists to demonstrate that without G-d’s enablement in Yeshua by the Holy Spirit in him, mankind cannot live successfully.

So, Yeshua is our redeemer, and redeems us from our own foolish choices, and the broken racial characteristics we have inherited.  At the final day of Judgement, Yeshua also causes the healing of the broken world we live on, and remakes it better than it is now.  Yeshua gives us all the ability to become the best we can be, now and in the future, and in an unlimited way, for eternity.

That is WHY Yeshua…because we can live without him, but not happily, nor successfully, and for only a short time.  Yet, because G-d loved us, he made a way for us to come back to the beginning, to be made like Adam and Eve first were, perfect in their genes, on an unbroken planet, and in harmony with G-d.

G-d caused a special human child to be born, and placed himself in that child, to live as a human, and die voluntarily to be a symbolic as well as actual sacrifice for our sheer imperfection…our sin, literally buying us free of all we owe to one another, by paying our debts to one another for the sins we commit, and the hurt we do one another, and satisfying all the rules that he set down for us.

Yeshua is a gift.  All you need do is ask for that gift, and G-d gives it to you.  It is not an easy way to live in the beginning, for there is a lot to learn, but G-d enables you, and you are free of condemnation for your past behavior, and enabled to do better and better all the time.  G-d blesses you as you grow, not necessarily in the things of this world, although they are there as well, but in the ability to live well, no matter the circumstances, happily, and in peace.

The gift is a gift…there is nothing you need do, but ask for it, and accept it.  The receiving of the Holy Spirit then will make you wish to become like Yeshua, a little bit at a time, and you will keep the successful rules for living because that is what Yeshua did, not because you have to, or because it gains you more love and approval from G-d.  And in living successfully, on purpose, with the Holy Spirit within you, well, that is a delight even when it is hard to do.

I hope that is sufficient to prompt more questions, and a desire for Yeshua in your life, and I hope you will establish a relationship with G-d, so that in Yeshua’s actions, and through the Holy Spirit, you can be made to be as you were created to be, a son of the Living G-d.


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