Who Are the Chosen?

Everyone wants to be the Elect of G-d.  It is a very attractive idea, that one can be specifically chosen by YHVH Tzva’ot to be separated unto him.

Unfortunately for those that would like to be special, please be aware that there is no chosen person.  Adonai has no partiality amongst his children.  Rank, power, gifts, are given according to G-d’s purposes, not because he likes one person more than another, or because one is to be set above the other.

Mankind as a whole was created by G-d to be like him, and we are to attempt to become like him.  Man was not created to be full and complete at the moment of creation as the Angels were, but to grow and work towards being like G-d, particularly as the Scriptures reveal his nature.  Our gifts are not full flowered, but have to be attained, and we are given choice as to how much of each gift we choose to work toward.

But the Elect?  The Chosen?  That is the Body of all G-d’s creatures that choose to follow him.  Still, all of mankind is able to be Chosen, but there is much to be done to be included in that group of Chosen ones.  It is not enough to be made like G-d, or made with great power and gifts as the Angels were.  Abba from the beginning has offered choice…to follow him, and learn to be like him to the best of our several abilities.

We do know, however, that we need to do what G-d wants as best we can, and according to the circumstances, knowledge and abilities given us.  It remains only for us to read the Scriptures…all of the Scriptures…and to put aside notions of Chosen-ness as if we who choose to follow Yeshua are somehow special.  Jew or Gentile, male or female, slave or free is irrelevant to the Most High except that our circumstances and our level of knowledge are taken into any evaluation of our walk towards G-d.  Our choices create our deeds, because it is what we who know Yeshua do that counts.

YHVH peers into our hearts and hears our thoughts, even as every word is part of the equation of how we are evaluated for blessing or cursing on a personal basis, but in the end, it is as a group that such blessing or curse falls.  Even when those who are walking on the narrow path are spared harm or difficulty in a disaster or in war, it is not always as a gift or a blessing to the one walking in righteousness, but as a source of provision, witness and encouragement to those afflicted more severely.

Those that are part of the Elect of G-d will find it to be true only when they meet Yeshua face to face having run their race to its completion.  It is only then that they will find themselves to be a part of one of only two groups in all of sentient creation…those who choose to work at being more like Adonai, and those who don’t.

Being Chosen is a mis-nomer.  Becoming the Elect of G-d is a state of being that we choose ourselves into with every choice we make.




2 thoughts on “Who Are the Chosen?”

  1. Great statement! “Being Chosen is a mis-nomer.  Becoming the Elect of G-d is a state of being that we choose ourselves into with every choice we make.”


    Yeshua said “If you love me keep my commandments!” That’s what makes us the elect.

    Great post!


    1. Thank you for the response…sometimes I wonder if anyone hears me. I am glad you liked what the Ruach pointed out to me…since he mostly does the ideas here, and even uses me as a pencil from time to time.


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