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What Do You Say to Lies About Yeshua?

Having a watched a rather standard, if ugly video on YouTube that describes everything in the New Testament to be made up by Rome through the Flavian Emperors, Josephus and Paul, I read a few comments, and in the end, answered one person that was taking all that was said in the video as the truth, and the New Testament as the ‘Great Deception’.

I pled against such ideas and was surprised by a question, as I had advised reading the Torah in conjunction with the Brit Chadashah.  The query mentioned Yeshua as sort of a miniature representation of YHVH and the writer of the comment was plainly trying not to offend me, but to obtain some idea of what to study, but the questioner wanted some idea of what I thought.  Thus, I wrote the following, meaning every word

Who is Yeshua and why is he important?

Yeshua was sent to us as the perfect example of the Torah…commonly called the ‘Torah in Flesh’.  People often misunderstand that when the ‘Torah was nailed to the Stake’ that it was a description of the actual instructions G-d gave the Israelites being nailed to the Stake, and thus falsely believe that the Torah commandments and instructions from G-d to man were no longer in effect.  Yet it was  Yeshua, the ‘Torah made Flesh’, that was nailed to the stake.  Everything that people nowadays (without a Temple, and without acting ‘Jewishly’ unless you live within a Jewish Community) can do to become a Disciple of Yeshua is to do what Yeshua did and said to do…to the extent that they can.

What is the Torah, and why is it of importance?

The Torah begins with the ‘Ten Commandments’ or the ‘the Ten Words’, and are the primary rules for living with G-d and Man…the first 4 are about loving G-d…the next 6 are about loving one another.  But the Torah also has other rules for living, which were instructions given to mankind to enable us to live together well.  The Festivals, for instance, were given by YHVH, not by the Jews, and are kept as yearly appointments with G-d to yearly rehearse the events that Yeshua would fulfil.

The Spring and Summer Moedim (appointments with YHVH) were fulfilled on Yeshua’s first advent…Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, The Feast of First Fruits, and the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost).  The remaining yearly G-d given feast days are to be fulfilled on his return…The Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur, and the Feast of Tabernacles.  Yeshua ascended to the Father 10 days before Shavuot to allow the Ruach HaKodesh to be sent to us at Shavuot…to enable us to keep the Torah that was given to Moshe on the first Shavuot.

The fields of the world are sown with YHVH’s word, and are ripening.  It is time for the harvest, and the fulfilment of the fall festivals, which are pending rather obviously now.  Why else all this continuous wrangling over who wrote what and when and why, where everyone working for the Adversary is trying to hide the simplicity of acting as Yeshua did by doing what Yeshua said to do in the Great Commission…become his Disciple.

Why does anyone need the Torah when there is no Temple?

All of the Torah, the Instructions of G-d to man, was written down, guarded, and followed more or less well by the Remnant within the Israelites for 1400 years before Yeshua came, and in spite of bad teaching, the Ruach HaKodesh has enabled Believers in Yeshua to follow those same instructions to the extent that they have understood them.  The Holy Spirit has guided from within those who trust in Yeshua’s righteousness for the last 2000 years.

Unfortunately and despite the completeness of the information that exists in the Scriptures and the Apostolic Writings, the instructions and prophecies were translated and interpreted as people have wished to use them…even though without those translations few would have learned much of anything about Yeshua of Nazareth outside of Israel, but the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) are all one fluid cohesive set of ideas given to us by G-d.  The Scriptures can be taught incorrectly, and have been, mostly because they were taught by Greco-Romans out of a pantheistic culture, and that somewhat corrupted information has flowed without much correction into the Church, then spiritualized and metaphored to death.

Why haven’t Jews done more to correct what we know?

The people of Israel have not been helpful in all ways here, but we were (and we still are) very few people against all of the world…all 12 or so million of us against the other 7 billion of the Nations.  In sheer self-defence, most Jews have chosen to huddle in on themselves in small scattered groups, paying attention to Rabbi’s who themselves know nothing of Yeshua, having only learned of the Church’s ‘Jesus’ at the point of a sword, and who find their essential Torah-abiding Jewishness over-run by the Christians of the world who think that Torah was abolished.

Most Jews still do not realise that their Messiah is that guy called ‘Jesus Christ’, because  the ‘Jesus’ the Church teaches does not always match what is written in Scripture, any more than the Church’s teachings always match those of Yeshua who was a Torah abiding Jewish Rabbi who taught that Torah was not to be changed.  Consequently, many Jews stay as they were before Yeshua came, even though the common people of Israel in the time before the destruction of the 2nd Temple loved Yeshua and would have continued in that love were it not for all the political troubles that stomped on such inclinations, and drove the Jews who survived the destruction of the 2nd Temple and the political decisions of Rome to the ends of the earth.

What part of Torah do I need and what has it to do with Yeshua?

Everyone needs all that is written listed in the Old Testament because it is re-stated and drawn upon in the New Testament.  The Instructions that G-d gave to the Israelites  under the Mosaic Covenant Yeshua doubled down on…not just to keep the instructions of how to live well outwardly, but to be able, through trust in Yeshua as ‘The Prophet’ prophesied by Moshe.  Yeshua was anointed of G-d, specially devised internally with a portion of the soul or Nefesh of the pre-existent Elohim, and created physically as a man to represent G-d as the Redeemer YHVH stated only he could be.

Yeshua was of YHVH, with the motive force and pure understanding of G-d within him that we find described in the Tanakh as the ‘Voice’ of G-d that spoke the world into existence, and the ‘Right Arm’ of YHVH that G-d uses to amend what is broken here on earth.  Yeshua was perfectly human because in inheriting no genetic problems or any spiritual imputation of unrighteousness, Yeshua was able to live as a new version of Adam…able to be tempted by the Adversary, but not inclined to give in to the Adversary as we are.

Then, at his immersion by Yochanan the Immerser, Yeshua was also infilled in full by the Spirit of YHVH, and made powerful enough to do all that was prophesied of what the Messiah would do until his self-sacrifice in obedience to the plan of YHVH that is described in all the prophets made the fallen nature within us able to be changed by our trust in that self-sacrifice.  Thus Yeshua could be righteous in a way none of us can attain to, and his righteousness could be imputed to us by our clinging to him, and walking in his ways while asking YHVH to give us the Ruach HaKodesh to enable us to do so.

Why is Yeshua a necessity?

All…all this was done just so that we could be cleansed of our unrighteousness by Yeshua’s spilt blood, and be enabled by the Holy Spirit to have that same Mosaic Covenant written on our heart.  This is the New Covenant…to have the impulse to be obedient planted within us (even though we can choose not to be obedient), and by that obedience be blessed of YHVH…because that is what G-d promised to those who would obey him.

What Bible do I read if so many texts have been tampered with?

Once Nazarene Judaism was outside of the Synagogue in the Greco/Roman world, there was no full knowledge among the Greco/Romans of the Old Testament or what was prophesied of what G-d planned to do through his coming Messiah although they had the Greek translation of the Tanakh.  Still, very little of this was understood by the so-called ‘Church’ once Yeshua’s Disciples were gone, and thus it was not taught in full to those who wanted Yeshua, and The Way.  The underlying knowledge was lost, ignored and suppressed by those who had their own reasons to do so.  Only now that we have a massive interchange of information available to us, with many different translations, dictionaries, and commentaries published freely on the internet have we been able to find out what was lost and suppressed in the past, and see the fullness of who Yeshua is, and G-d’s over-arching plan for mankind stretching from Genesis to Revelation.

There are better translations of the Old and New Testaments available than was devised by the Church.  I favor the Complete Jewish Bible and The Complete Jewish New Testament Commentary, which are easy to read and understand, and where the Greek was translated back into Hebrew by a Yeshua-trusting Orthodox Jew, and then translated again into easy to understand as well as clear and precise English from the Hebrew concepts that match the Old Testament ones.

I also study The Scriptures, published by The Institute for Scriptural Research, which in the 2009 publication lists all the Tanakh references that the Brit Chadashah alludes to in the text, while highlighting the referenced text in bold type, and then to reduce confusion uses Hebrew text to represent the Tetragrammaton and the name of Yeshua so that everyone can mentally pronounce them without interference, and so that one can tell when YHVH is speaking, or Adonai or Elohim or Yeshua.  All the personal and place names in The Scriptures are transliterated from the Hebrew, which leads one gently into finding out what the names really mean.

I compare them both to Young’s Literal Translation and to the KJV and search the Greek and the Hebrew dictionaries whenever something does not seem clear, as well as make frequent use of a Hebrew/English interlinear translation with hyperlinks to Strong’s Concordance.  For that, BibleHub.com is invaluable…and free.

In the mess of this world, and all the deception we face, what do we do?

All any of us can do against the deception of the last days we are so plainly in is study, discuss the concepts with others who walk after Yeshua, and then act in the manner we have decided matches what G-d has spoken to our hearts.

May YHVH bless and keep all those who seek after Yeshua, and open the Tanakh and the Brit Chadashah to their hearts.