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Why is There a Messianic Kingdom?

This is a topic I have been studying for decades, and something that I look forward to greatly, when Yeshua returns, and a promise is kept to Abraham.

When Yeshua died, and was resurrected, the time of the Gentiles effectively began…a two thousand year period of the spreading of the gospel of the Kingdom to Jew and Gentile alike, as represented in the New Testament by the two days Yeshua spent with the Samaritans, teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to Gentiles.

But when Yeshua returns, the economy of G-d reverts to a Mosaic Covenant rule under Yeshua, and Temple Law.  The Ruach haKodesh will not work in the same way as he has in the past two thousand years, but reverts to working through the High Priest, King Yeshua…because this is a time in which Yeshua rules the planet with a Rod of Iron, under the Mosaic Law and a Temple Economy.  In other words, salvation for the mortal beings that survive to walk into the Messianic Kingdom in human form is not by trust in Yeshua, and Yeshua’s work on the Cross, but through the Temple Economy of Law, with a perfect High Priest to teach exactly what G-d wants of the Jews, and any of the Nations that survive the AntiChrist.

One reason for this is YHVH’s promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that the children of the Patriarchs would have a time in the full extent of the promised land, where they would live safely under their own laws, sit under their own vines, eating the produce of the land, and be able to live as G-d desired them to originally.  It is the perfect spiritual picture of a Shabbat…the 7th day of YHVH’s prophetic economy.

But the Messianic Kingdom has other purposes.  For those in Yeshua, whether Jew or Gentile, and saved in Yeshua prior to his appearing in power to clean up the mess the AntiChrist makes, it is a time of great joy, and reward, based on how we have walked our walk under Yeshua’s guidance, for we are used to help run the Kingdom in the ways that Yeshua decides is most valuable to him, and is directly connected to how we act now.

Some people expecting to rule a city or a nation for Yeshua might end up working at the DMV, or as a Traffic Cop, or a School Teacher or a Street Sweeper…what ever will be best for our growth, while those with great ministry gifts of music, and song, will be used world wide to praise the king, and bring rejoicing, and those of a scholarly bent will be sent to study and learn and write about what pleases G-d for the benefit of all of us.  Just imagine being the Chef for the Royal table, or a maker of fine wine for the King!  Those that paint, and sew and create designs will be set to beautifying all things, and life will be marvelous in so many ways that are entirely human.

The Parable of the Talents is a good picture of what is planned for those that stay faithful to Yeshua no matter what happens in this time of the Day of Jacob’s Trouble.  If we are given a gift by the Ruach haKodesh, and do not use it to further our spiritual growth, and to assist other Believers in their walk, it is going to get us tossed into outer darkness, a place far from Yeshua, and the eventual coming of the New Jerusalem at the end of the Messianic Kingdom.

Rebellious disobedience to YHVH is always punished, even if you think you are saved, and that Yeshua’s blood bought grace covers your indifference to his desires.  Remember the 10 Virgins, only 5 of whom have oil?  These 5 Virgins that enter into the Bridal Chamber of the Groom are those that seek to allow the Ruach haKodesh to change them and work in them to the glory of G-d.  Those that drift away from the Holy Spirit, and the Narrow Way,  are those that are left begging to enter into the Kingdom with Yeshua, and being told by the Bridegroom, “I never knew you.”

However, if we do our poor human best to do what is good with the gifts we are given, well, that is then rewarded.  Not everyone will be given cities to rule, but all of us will be used to make sure Yeshua’s kingdom is law abiding, even if the people in Israel and the Nations do not like living under the Temple laws, and having all civil law and governmental regulation decided by Yeshua, and enforced by us, the Tsaddikim…the Righteous Ones in Yeshua who are resurrected into a Yeshua-like body.

It is also described in the prophecies that people will disobey Yeshua during the Millennial Kingdom, and will consequently be punished by lack of rain, and the consequent famine for not keeping the Spring and Fall Feast days that celebrate Yeshua’s entire ministry on this planet.  But many who are not Jews will come to see that Yeshua is not only King of Kings, but Immanuel…Elohim in human form, and not to be disobeyed, but loved with all their strength and talent and will.  They will become G-d Fearers, and Proselytes into Messianic Judaism, and be considered righteous according to their walk under the Temple Sacrificial System, just as the Israelites of the past have been.

I wish heartily that I could live in that economy now, where Believers that have been resurrected into their perfected form become the government, teachers, policemen, and law courts…at least from the law abiding part of it, but I hold my salvation dear, and will not repine over my part in the Messianic Kingdom being one of many Believers working for Yeshua in whatever way he desires.

Then, at the end of the Messianic thousand year rule, the Adversary is released once again to work against Yeshua, and test the population in the world.  Once again, there will be a rebellion against G-d, and the disobedient people who do not want to live in a law abiding society, and instead only want to do as they please, rather than act in the ways that G-d desires and trust in him, will gather against Yeshua in an attempt to overthrow him.

The reason that this is allowed, is to show all of mankind from throughout history, and all of the Angels, that without G-d helping us, we can do nothing worthwhile, nothing of value, and nothing at all well or righteously.  We were given free-will so that we are able to choose freely our fate, but Abba wants us to choose him, by acting in the ways he desires.  This final gift of choice is given as the final statement on salvation being a gift from Abba, and not something that can be earned.  Rewards can be striven for, but are only given if the talents you were given are used in the right frame of mind…to please Yeshua, and show our love, not merely for the reward to be gained.  It is the same with keeping the commandments in the Scriptures to the best of our ability…we do not seek Abba’s hand and only his blessing according to our dessert…if we tried that, we would have earned nothing, for we are completely without righteousness except in Yeshua.

At the end of the thousand year reign, there is a very short rebellion, for the Adversary and those he has provoked to disobedience are stopped at once, and the day of the White Throne Judgement is finally at hand.  All the dead from all times are resurrected, and judged for what they did on the planet…basically, for how well they loved what they knew and understood of G-d and how well they loved one another, no matter if they were born in a place far from Israel, or even before Israel existed as a society, for many people will have walked well in their limited knowledge of Abba’s desires, and Yeshua will judge accordingly.  Death and Sheol, along with the Adversary and his friends and followers are tossed into the Lake of Fire, because our time in this version of Earth is over at last.

Yeshua then hands back control of the earth to the Father, and the planet is remade so that man and YHVH Tsava’ot can exist in the same physical universe, with all those who pass into the new creation living as the Children of G-d according to what Yeshua deems our inheritance.  We will be back in Eden, but this time there will be no serpent; we will be immortal beings; and Abba will teach us himself.